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We specialize in creating and producing interesting content for streaming platforms and the linear TV, especially entertainment and true crime content. We also produce podcasts which have quickly gained substantial audiences.

We are part of a well-known Nordic media house Aller, founded in 1873. We have a strong background in entertainment media and journalism, and know what audiences want to watch.

We know how to create programs and successful concepts of interesting people and trends.

Our clients include the biggest broadcasters and streaming services in Finland.

Our latest productions

A documentary series of ski-jumper Matti Nykänen

Aller Studios produced a documentary series of world-famous Finnish ski-jumper Matti Nykänen and his turbulent life featuring his outstanding ski-jumping success and his eventful personal life, including a singing and striptease career, several marriages and struggles with alcohol. The series shows Matti through the eyes of those who knew him best and it includes more than 30 interviews that build a picture of the person behind the tabloids.


CEO, Executive Producer Joni Soila

CEO and Executive Producer Joni Soila is in charge of all the productions of Aller Studios with top talents in Finland. Soila has 30 years of experience in entertainment media and 15 years of experience from producing and writing prime-time programs.

Soila has developed and produced several successful entertainment and true crime series for the Finnish streaming services. These series include Sofian Salaisuudet (S1, S2), Peter Nygård: Naamion takana for Discovery and Katiska (S1, S2), Pako and Lahko for Nelonen Media.

If you have an interesting program idea, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s make your idea into reality!



Joni Soila

CEO, Executive Producer